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Gear4guides would like to support the dream Mr. Mateeullah, who is the first national ski champion of Pakistan. He did a great job by setting up the Pioneer Ski School in the Swat Vally in Pakistan. All purely on a volunteer basis he’s encouraging youth to take up skiing again in this post-conflict but beautiful area. To donate equipment will greatly encourage the youth of the area, as well as skiing tourism both nationally and internationally.  They are in need of all types of equipment, both for the older youth who would like to someday compete in winter sports, but also children’s equipment, since one of the activities they are working on in the area is to involve girls and boys schools by arranging field trips to Malam Jabba to try skiing and snowboarding. This will require both equipment and training, so again, assistance is key to making this happen, hopefully quite soon to manage it before this ski season. Read more here more about the initiative of Mr. Mateeullah.