Afghanistan | The White Silk Road movie trailer

Posted on 22/02/2013 · Posted in Travel

Recently Gear4guides handed over Blackdiamond gear, probes and shovels, to Untaimed borders founder James Willcox. Untaimed Borders, founded in 2008 arranges, small adventure travel tours into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and the north east of India. James cooperates together withKausar Hussain, Prince Mahir Ullah Khan who have been acting as fixers, guides and translators for journalists and independent tourists wanting to visit Afghanistan and the Tribal Areas of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

Since 2 years Untaimed Borders organizes tour ski trips to 3 different spots in Afganistan; the Bamian Vally, Salang pass and the Wakhan corridor. “There are numerous of options out there to make first ascents and descents” states James Wilcox. For freeriders it’s great and adventurous terrain. In 2011 he guides a group of snowboarders who filmed their trip called “White Silk Road” check out their trailer: