Gear4guides | Salomon teams up with 40 Tribes backcountry

Posted on 17/07/2013 · Posted in Gear4guides

The 40 Tribes backcountry connection

During the summer Gear4guides is always looking for new projects, maintaing existing projects and is also focusing to get in touch with people who might go skiing in emerging ski destinations. To collect equipment is not the issue, the transport is the adventure! In June 2012 we touched base with Ryan Koupal, founder/ Director of 40 Tribes, to discuss new projects. Ryan told us that his local partner Kasadin Musaev and his brother Akimkan loves to ski pow. And that Kasadin aka Kas and his brother are on their way to become Kyrgyzstan’s next best backcountry ski guides. A new project was born! Next issue was how to get gear to these guys? This is how G4g got in touch with 40 Tribes’ leadguides Ptor Spricenieks who’s living in La Grave and sponsored by Salomon. The perfect connection to discuss if he could join the project. In terms of arranging gear donated by Salomon and logistics to get it at the 40 Tribes Yurt in Ichke-Jergez, Kyrgyzstan. The outcome of the 40 Tribes connection you will find below…. Kas skiing pow with is new skis:

photo credits: Ryan Koupal