Gear4guides | Results winter season 2012 – 2013

Posted on 01/07/2013 · Posted in Gear4guides

Results of winter season 2012 -2013

It has been a long and cold winter which lasted, at least in Europe, until June. Now the winter is over it’s time to evaluate what Gear4guides has achieved last winter. In winter 2012 -2013 we have been targeting on supporting a project in Arslanbob (Kyrgyzstan) and in the Bamiyan Vally (Afghanistan). Both projects are based in Central-Asia with different needs & wants. In Kyrgyzstan the focus is to support the kids improve their skiing/ snowboarding skills. In Afghanistan to support the Avalanche training program of some local guides. This winter also Black Diamond joined Gear4guides because the brand would like to support this kind of sustainable projects. Please find here below the results:

1. Afghanistan

Over the last 2 years the Afghan Ski Challenge  has been organized by Christoph Zuercher with the aim to support skiing, tourism and developing the Bamyan region. A great initiative to use sports to bridge the gap between the people from Afghanistan and the rest of the World. Exactly the projects Gear4guides would like to support. There’s only a logistical advantage regarding this kind of projects…… That’s how we got in touch with James Willcox of Untamed borders an adventure travel organization. Untamed Borders organizes ski touring trips to the Bamyan Vally and they are in touch with local guides who are being trained as ski tour guide. With Black Diamond as equipment supplier we managed to hand-over shovels & probes to these local ski tour guides. Sajjad Husseini was very successful; he won the 2013 edition! Please find below the some images of these guys:

2. Kyrgyzstan

Project SkiforWishes
Since 2010 Gear4uides is supporting CBT Arslanbob with ski equipment. The goal is to support skiing, tourism and developing in Babash-Ata Mountains (4427m) with the community of Arslanbob as the basis. Our contact Hayat Tarikov has an infectious love for skiing has inspired dozens of local children and adults to hit the slopes in the agricultural fields above the village. In summer 2012 Gear4guides got in touch with Skiforwishes. Their goal was to support the “Make a wish” Foundation by skiing 6 months in row in about 30 countries. Gear4guides connected Skiforwishes with Hayat, Atomic donated 3 pairs junior ski’s and that’s we managed to get these ski’s in Kyrgyzstan.

Black Diamond
After season 2011 – 2012 Gear4guides was in touch with Hayat about his needs and wants for a new winter season. Hayat send us a wish list and on that list were: gloves, gaiters and climbing harnesses. Gear4guides forwarded the list to our partner Black Diamond with question if they could help out. BD was more than happy to help out with this project. Together with lead guide Mr. Adolf Schlunegger we managed to get the goods in Arslanbob. Mr. Schlunegger is head trainer of a UIAGM-FMGA mountain guide training program. Over the last 3 winters he provided training to Mountain guides of Kyrgyz Mountain Guide Association.

40 Tribes
For already 3 winters 40 Tribes is managing a yurt base, providing avalanche training courses and riding lines in incredible terrain together with  adventurous  snowboarders and skiers in the Kyrgyz Mountains. To do so 40 Tribes is working closely with international respected trainers like Ptor Spricenieks but also with local host and guides. One these locals Kasadin Musaev is a guide in training. Together he and his brother are about to take freeriding to a next level in Kyrgyzstan.  Gear4guides managed through a Dutch – Swiss connection to get a pair of full mounted Line ski’s at the 40 Tribes Yurt Base in Ische Jergez. So Akimkan is very stoked!