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Gear4guides | picture organic clothing & 10 peaks gloves

Posted on 12/03/2014 · Posted in Gear4guides

Recently Gear4guides welcomed Picture Organic Clothing & 10Peaks gloves as partners on board. Both brands were very keen to donate gear to support local guides in Kyrgyzstan. In collaboration with 40tribesbackcountry, we managed trough some Austrian clients, to get the gear at the Yurt in Jalpak Tash. Kas, ¬†guide to be in the future, and Nurbek who’s responsible for transport the cooking both needed a descent Down jacket and nice gloves. So these guys were made very happy by Picture Organic Clothing and 10Peaks gloves. Thanks!

Kasadin Musaev is stoked

Kasidin Musaev






Nurbek happy on his horse!