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Posted on 04/09/2013 · Posted in Gear4guides

Happy people with K2 skis

After being in touch with the famous ski brand K2 and having shared the story behind Gear4guides. K2 immediately donated a bunch of skis. Now the big question is; who has been made happy with these skis? Below you will find the story of some happy local guides & skiers in Gulmarg India and Turkey:

1. Raja  the new kid on the block 
Meet Raja (r) He’s working for his father’s hotel who’s providig shelter once and a while to homeless kids. Raja takes the kids out skiing. He’s almost a skiteacher but he does’nt have the money to buy skis, Gear4guides and K2 helped him out.

2. Abdul Hamid the ski teacher
Please meet Abdul Hamid who’s working as skiteacher in Gulmarg. He used to rent his skis. That’s not necessary anymore. Because Gear4guides & K2 helped him out. He’s now able to save more money to feed his familiy.

3. The skiing head waiter
Please meet the head waiter of hotel heeven Retreat. He used to be a ski guide before he broke his skis. But doesn’t have the money to buy a new pair of skis. This guy prefers skiing instead of waiting, Gear4guides and K2 helped him out.

4. The boys from Erzurum 
We have managed to donate 2 fully equipped pairs of skis to probably the two only tour skiing Mountain Guides in Turkey! These guys were both born and raised in the City Erzurum in the heart of Palandöken. Because Erzurum is one of the biggest ski bases in Turkey they have developed their skiing skills to a high level and are combining this with mountaineering.

Below you will find some images of these happy people: