Black Diamond | Gloves and harnesses have arrived in Arslanbob!

Posted on 03/03/2013 · Posted in Black Diamond

Before this winter started we were in touch with Hayat Tarikov. A self taught skier and coordinator of Community Based Tourism Association (CBTA) Arslanbob. Hayat is managing winter tourism on behalf of his community. In winter time 85% of the community is unemployed that’s why Hayat is very keen with setting up a ski school for kids. The kids should be involved in winter tourism to give them a better future. He mentioned that he needs gloves for his guides and the kids. So they will be able to operate their services in extreme cold weather. Black Diamond is willing to support Hayat and his team  with the right gear!

So after a journey, started in Switzerland via Moscow and Suusamyr ski base the gloves have finally arrived in Arslanbob Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to Adolf Schlunegger (Bergführer SBV, IVBV) who’s mainly responsble for the transport from Switzerland to KGZ. Please check out the happy faces of some wood shredders, and hopefully in the future on some nice gear!

Quote from Hayat “Thank you a lot, we has got all gear from the BD, gloves and harness  thank you for you and BD Company”.