Donate gear & knowhow.


Gear4guides & friends
Are you going to shred somewhere where guides needs support? In that case contact Gear4guides to pick up the necessary equipment. And get it to the  new owner. For donations please contact us!

Manufacturers, sales agents, re-sellers are more than welcome to donate good gear. Please contact us any time! Please find below the Gear4guides “wishlist”:

• Adult min. 90mm under foot freeride (tour) skis
• Adult ski (touring) boots
• Adult (tour) bindings
• Climbing skins
• Ski poles
• kids skis, with bindings and boots (11-15 years)
• ski helmets
• Splitboard + splitboard bindings
• Splitboard skins
• Backcountry backpacks
• Hydrations packs
• Gaiters
• Headlamps
• tents
• snowsafety education
• beacons
• probes
• shovels
• airbags